I've been an amateur radio enthusiast for over 30 years and a shortwave listener for quite a bit longer. I studied for the RAE at Southampton Technical College back in the early 90s and was issued with the callsign of G7MJV after passing the exams.

My first experience of listenen to radio hams on VHF was when I bought a scanner from Nevada Communications when they were in Munster Rd, Portsmouth. I regularly used to listen to GB3PC, on 145.775 Mhz, which was located on top of a tower block in the city. I those days I had quite a good RF path to the local repeaters and could operate quit a few of them including GB3SN at Fourmarks.

I've just returned to amateur radio after a long break and now have very limited space available for aerials. All is not lost though, I've just bought a dual band handheld and can access the local DMR repeater (GB7SP) quite easily although I'm very much a DMR newbie.

The radio that I now have is an Anytone AT-D878UVII Plus that is capable of both analogue and DMR. The thought of having to get my head around a UK DMR codeplug did put me off to begin with but I seem to have managed. I bought the radio from Martin Lynch although a did download a Moonraker code plug to get an idea of what was involved, it was interesting but aims to cover the whole of the UK DMR network and was huge.

G7MJV In Salisbury, UK.

The codeplug that I used was one that I downloaded from the Facebook page for the Bristol 70cms Repeater Group (GB3BS).

One thing to remember about DMR repeaters, if you're in the habit of keying up without saying anything, 'just to see if it's working', your digital ID will be transmitted and your callsign will be displayed..

Hack Green WebSDR

Despite my lack of HF equipment, and space for aerials, I do like to listen to radio hams online from time to time. There's an online receiver called the Hack Green WebSDR which is located at the Nantwich Secret Nuclear Bunker in Cheshire.

What next at G7MJV

Since moving to a retirement flat in Salisbury, I have limited space for amateur radio but I do have a loft space above my flat. I plan to install an aerial fairly soon and it will probably be a small dual band collinear for 2m/70cm. The Diamond X30 or X50 should be fine and I already have some RG213 coax here to connect it to the radio. 

Kind regards,

Andy G7MJV